Get Rid of Bothersome Bedbugs in Wichita, Kansas

EcoGuard offers bedbug inspection and extermination services

If you suspect your home is playing host to bedbugs, call on the extermination experts at EcoGuard LLC. We’ll dispatch a technician to determine if bedbugs are in your home and offer an effective treatment solution designed to get rid of them for good. We will thoroughly treat every inch of your home for bedbugs, and we can kill bedbugs at all stages of growth with our environmentally conscious products.

Our proven bedbug treatment is guaranteed for three months, but a member of our team will return within two weeks of your initial appointment just to be sure there are no further bedbug issues.

Call EcoGuard at 316-308-6895 today to schedule your next service.

How to prepare for your bedbug inspection

If you’ve scheduled a bedbug inspection or extermination in Wichita, Kansas, make sure to prepare for it properly. Before EcoGuard arrives for your appointment, you will need to:
  • Wash all of your clothes twice and dry them on high heat
  • Strip and wash all bedding
  • Eliminate clutter to prevent lingering bedbugs
  • Clean out all of your dresser drawers

Once you’ve completed all of the tasks described above, we’ll treat your floors, furniture and walls to kill off any remaining bedbugs and prevent a future infestation. Contact EcoGuard with any questions you may have about your appointment.