Don’t Let Mosquitos Ruin Your Summer

Reach out to EcoGuard in Wichita, KS for mosquito extermination and treatment

Hear that annoying buzzing sound? Had enough of it? No problem—EcoGuard LLC offers mosquito extermination services that can rid your home of those nasty bloodsuckers for good.

We’ll make sure that mosquitos won’t ruin your summer barbecues with our effective mosquito treatment. During the two-day treatment process, our exterminators will use eco-friendly solutions to eliminate all remaining eggs and larvae and kill off any adult mosquitos residing on your property. You’ll notice a significant decrease in the number of mosquitos plaguing your home in no time.

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Keep your Wichita, Kansas home free of mosquitos all year long

The most effective way to eliminate mosquitos is by bringing in a team of professional exterminators from EcoGuard. We offer mosquito extermination and treatment services that will significantly improve your comfort level during the summer. Between appointments, you can take these steps to help keep mosquitos at bay:

  • Eliminate all sources of standing water
  • Plant citronella, basil and other plants that mosquitos despise
  • Add birdhouses to your property to attract birds that eat mosquitos

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